14000 hrs
Design Consultant,  July2018 - Aug2018

Trust Clinic
Design Consultant, Sept2017 - Dec2017

UX Designer, Nov2014 - July2017

Brunel University
Design Research Assistant, Dec2011 - May2012

I see design as a powerful medium to solve complex problems and create meaningful experiences that resonate with people. I’m a UX designer currently based in San Francisco. I want to impact people’s lives for the better with what I design.

I look for inspiration in my surroundings. Baking, books and travel, is a concise summary of myself. I'm proactive, enjoy learning and consistently pursue new opportunities to enhance my design skills and perspective.

Over the last year, I have relished undertaking new challenges at the MDes Interaction Design program at CCA. Prior to that, I have worked as a User Experience Designer for 3 years. I love experimenting with my work, trying creative ideas and improving my skills.

Research and attention to detail are crucial ingredients in my design process. I enjoy contributing to a collaborative, innovative team atmosphere alongside working on my independent design ventures.

I’m always up for conversation and tea! Drop me a message and let’s connect, whether it’s about a work opportunity or you just want to say hi.