Samsung Personalisation portal was a concept project that I worked on when working at Globant for our client Samsung. 


10 weeks, Aug - Oct 2016


PROJECT BRIEF (provided by the client)

Personalising your new phone can take time and effort. What if you could complete the setup, customise settings and update all the data during the purchasing process? A personalisation portal that lets users change and customise their phone so that it is ready to use after they purchase it. 


6 members



I was part of the design team and responsible for the design of the app (web and mobile). My role included creating the information architecture and navigation pattern for the personalisation portal. As responsive UI was one of the requirements the task of designing flexible layouts was challenging given the high volume of content of the portal. 



Purchasing - we mapped out the purchasing user journey for the physical Samsung stores and online platforms to better understand where in the journey would the user be interacting with the personalisation portal.


Portal - we also mapped out the user journey for the interactions on the personalisation portal. This helped us understand the phases of the portal that needed to be designed.




Welcome Page

The welcome page of the portal was designed to start with the user deciding if the purchase would be a gift or for themselves. Each option followed a slightly varied flow to suit the context of the purchase. 

11'' x 17'' copy 4.png

Landing Page

Once they enter the portal the user is taken to the first section in the customisation. As they make changes and customise the phone they will see the changes reflected in the live view on the phone they are purchasing.



Given the complexity of the portal, we designed a easy to follow on-boarding experience for the user to go through the first time they access the portal to help familiarise them with all the features.  



To allow for navigation and selection of options for all the sections of the portal, we decided to keep the navigation static on the left side and provided a carousel bar for the options on the bottom. 

11'' x 17'' copy 2.png

This project was designed to be launched for the Indian market as part of a promotional campaign.